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Post-Secondary Institutions

Choosing where you go to school is just as important as choosing a career. You should find a post-secondary institution that fits your needs and is able to meet your expectations of what you want your college, university or technical school experience to be.

In Alberta, there are many public post-secondary institutions that offer careers in the trades career field so there is plenty to choose from. In addition to those schools, there are 4 Aboriginal colleges in the province that are affiliated with one or more post-secondary institutions that could be of interest to you.

And there are a few trades professions that should you choose to take that journey (such as Ironworker or Baker) you will find yourself out of province.

We've provided you with a list of the Alberta public post-secondary institutions, the Aboriginal Colleges as well as the relevant out-of-province universities that offer the health programs If the health career option is not available in Alberta (for example, we do not list every University and College in Canada that offers Pipefitting as many institutions in Alberta offer a technical training).On occasion we may list private institutions as some offer courses on specializing in certain fields.

The Network provides you with critical information that can be invaluable to you when making your schooling choice. Along with links to the school's main website, the Network also provides you with:

  • Program Information:

    Provides you with a full list of the programs available at the College, University or Technical Institute.

  • Application Information:

    Know the application process for each institution (in Alberta, there is now a simplified way to apply to the schools in Alberta- visit for more information). Familiarize yourself with application deadlines and any other submissions required to ensure you are considered into the program.

  • Support for Aboriginal Students:

    Many post-secondary institutions either have an Aboriginal Centre, a Friendship Centre or a strong support network for their Aboriginal students. This provides you with direct links to those centres so you can see for yourself the type of support or assistance you'd receive when attending the institution.

  • Scholarship and Bursary information:
  • Housing:

    The Network provides you with direct links to either off-campus housing or to residence. Determine where you can live if you have to leave your community to go to school. Some schools even provide information on Aboriginal housing as well.