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Digital Stories

Want to know what it's like to be a electrician or boilermaker? Would you like to understand the impact the job has on your personal life? What support systems exist for the Aboriginal community in this profession?

It's one thing to read and learn about a career in the trades profession, but it's also just as important to see what the job is about as well. The Trades Warriors Network has created a series of digital stories where we have accompanied Aboriginal trades professionals around to create a "day in the life of" so you can for yourself what truly goes on during a shift. Learn about their profession, what they like and don't like, what a typical day involves, what they do on their time off , opportunities for advancement and so much more. It is a way to present positive role-models and mentors with the view towards encouraging the user, building their self-confidence, sharing culture, and building a sense of community.

It is a candid interview and a great way to get an idea if that career choice is for you. The Network has 8 digital stories but hopes to have more in the future.

The Network also accepts submissions from students, youth, elders and trades professionals - created by and for Aboriginal people. This medium of expression serves several important functions. This will engage visual learners in discussion and debate. Finally, by harnessing the power of filmmaking, we hope to empower users in the telling of their own story. It is a powerful tool for motivating and engaging youth as well as a therapy tool by which the user can work through social, emotional, and/or spiritual conflicts.

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